Ve la do io l'Europa


After three years working in Italy as a reporter, I have been working on EU affairs as a freelancer in Brussels since 2009. I have also gained experience working in the European Parliament as a press officer.

In this blog I analyze facts and express my points of view on a day to day basis on what I report on. Never as in time of crisis, the EU has been in the spotlight of the media. Unfortunately this coverage is not always precise and factual. The EU is still unknown to many, expecially journalists.

Say Europe and people think to austerity, banks and cucumber length. After 60 years and almost 28 Member States joining this is not acceptable any more. It’s not the peopl fault but mainly the medias’ and national governments’.

This blog is neither pro European nor against Europe, it just aims at giving people a European perspective on facts. That’s it.

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